Trial update
The trial is now on. Even though the public gallery is generally always full (so far…), support outside the court room is welcome. The sessions are 10am to 1pm & 2pm to 4:30pm (There is no afternoon session on Thurs 6th) at Blackfriars Crown Court, 1-15 Pocock St, SE1 0BT.
A short summary:
Day 1
Schedule estimation: first week for the Prosecution witnessess; next week Defence witnessess; third week, summarising and anything else needed. Selection of the 12 members of the Jury (out of a pre-selected panel). Opening notes.
Day 2
Two Immigration Officers (morning and afternoon) give evidence & get cross examined.
Day 3
Testimony & cross examination of the Police Inspector responsible for coordinating police response on the day (Inspector on duty for Southwark borough then).
The Inspector of the TSG (riotcops) gives evidence, the crossexamination starts and will carry on on day 4.
Day 4   last part of cross examination of TSG Inspector. First police Dog Handler: nearly finished, but the very last bit of cross examination got postponed until Monday.
Day 5  testimony & cross examination of two other police Dog Handlers, as well as two TSG officers.
On Day 6 in the morning, there will be one more TSG officer as well as the end part of the first police dog handler. Then it will be the turn of the Defense …
The Defense was meant to start on Monday, but a member of the Jury being unwell meant that the session was postponed to the day after.
Through out the last two days we’ve seen evidence & cross examination of the first defendant + one defense witness, as well as two character references, getting to complete the case.
Today -Thursday 13th, Day 9- the second of the East St 3 starts his case’s defense