Italy: Updates on anarchist comrades Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito



These updates have been made known to us directly by the imprisoned comrades Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito:
Concerning Anna, she tells us that she is in isolation (no tv), is prohibited from meeting with other prisoners and saw censorship of her mail, which she says reaches her fairly quickly.
Alfredo, instead, is still in isolation, and not only for his solidarity action with the CCF, which the prison court has not yet ruled on yet, but also for the new investigation “Scripta Manent”. He also informed us that being in isolation he has nothing in the cell such as addresses, even the comrades arrested for Scripta Manent.
I urge comrades to send them the most news, newspapers, and stamps to break the isolation that the nation’s prisons are imposing physically at this time.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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