Genoa – Words from Carlo, anarchist comrade from Genoa


Greetings to Nicola, Alfredo, Anna, Daniele, Marchetto, Sandrone, Danilo and Valentina
The Solidarity I express to those arrested is unconditional.
They arrested my brothers and sisters and for this reason my heart is aching.You’ll never be alone!!!
Dear comrades, I’m close to you!!!
A few words to clarify the situation of the trial in which I’m accused of instigation to commit acts of terrorism.
I’m writing these few lines to explain the situation I’m facing concerning proceedings where I am accused of writing a piece (To those who don’t dissociate themselves) bitterly attacking those who dissociated themselves from the Action (later claimed by Alfredo and Nicola) that led to the kneecapping of Adinolfi.
After several delays and call-outs to comrades for participation in the trial (as many will remember), this phantom trial will take place on 28th September.
Obviously the call-outs didn’t please either the prosecutor or the judge, possibly both, and so they decided to hold it behind closed doors; being a summary procedure trial they can decide to do so.
The importance of the comrades’ presence will be missing and above all my presence will be missing as it would be pointless by then.
So I’m sorry I won’t get the chance to see the many people who showed their closeness to me, but there are other reasons to see one another, especially after the latest arrests.
A libertarian hug to all those who have shown me their solidarity.
Carlo from Genoa
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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