>T he 31-year-old Mexican who escaped from Korydallos Prison on Monday was recaptured early yesterday. The fugitive, who had been serving a life sentence for drug trafficking, was found in the basement of an apartment in Korydallos, southern Athens, and arrested by local police officers. He escaped on Monday after hiding in a garbage truck that had entered the prison yard to collect trash. His disappearance was only discovered when prison guards conducted a head count.

A 31year old Mexican escaped from the psychiatric wing of Koridallos prisons Athens today where he was serving a life sentence for drug dealing.

According to the police, he managed (no one knows how) to get away from the guards and hide under a garbage truck.
Police think he hid in a spot near the engine and when the truck got outside the prisons he jumped out and ran away.
As well they believe that the Mexican man, a circus acrobat, is still in the area.
Good luck man

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