GREECE – ATHENS ,Update from the appellate trial of anarchist comrades Giannis Naxakis and Grigoris Sarafoudis


During the session on September 27th, prosecution witnesses weretumblr_o07q6chc511u1sr1lo1_400
examined who did recognize the comrade. They did not recognize the voice
of anarchist G.Sarafoudis, neither his characteristics. What they
testified was not very different from what they said in the first trial
for the case.
The initial sentences in this case were 16 years each. Comrades
G.Sarafoudis and G.Naxakis were arrested on April 30th 2013 in Nea
Filadelfia area, with the then wanted comrades A.Dalios and F.Harisis.
Grigoris has also been sentenced to 8 years for a robbery of a bank in
The next session is on October 11th and the head of the anti- terrorist
force will testify.
Gathering on October 11th at 9am at room D120A on the 6th floor of the
appellate court room on Loukareos.
Factual solidarity to our comrades.
Act for freedom now!

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