Greece, Athens – Incendiary attack against vehicles of Zografou city council


zografou-544x350A system of control which is perpetuated by force, from the most visible (army, police, prison, …), to the most insidious and internalized forms such as the acceptance and reproduction of roles and values ​​of authority. An everyday oppression that prevents us to go beyond certain limits and enforcing on us fear and what morality imposes. Raised walls and railings around our own passions. We live these daily. But the tireless passion for freedom, leads us to disturb even for a while the morbid normality selecting conflict in one of its many variants.
We come close to other persons in the way we support and crave them in the everyday life instead of running behind needs and dependencies. In the way we build relations with honesty without being nothing less and nothing more than what we say. We find ourselves opening trails without a predetermined destination, and freely choose companions for each stage of the battle and every route, in an individual evolution but also collective.
So faced with domination we choose the wild fulfillment of our desires. Sometimes we will share some pleasures, but most desires and expectations are emanating from within us and for this we risk to see them fulfilled.
On 02/09 at dawn we hit the Zografou city council setting all vehicles in the parking lot on fire. Not to change the way they manage things, because we don’t make some kind of dialogue with them. Wildly we express abhorrence for this and all other forms of domination. Wildly we express love for freedom and for those who are our companions every time.
Strength to all comrades in prison and illegality.
For the spread of the conflict against the existent.
For anarchy!



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