Italy – On the 28th September’s trial against a comrade from Genoa


On the 28th September’s trial against a comrade from Genoa
In May 2012 two anarchist comrades armed with ideas, courage and bullets, shot the managing director of Ansaldo Nucleare in Genoa. In the same month an article of mine came out in the anarchist paper ‘Invece’, where I revealed the true nature of carabiniere Pierpaolo Sinconi. Shortly after the action in Genoa and the publication of my piece, I was stopped by carabinieri in Trieste and taken to their barracks where I was harassed because of my ideas.
I’ve always linked the two episodes for the simple reason that if men shoot or someone recognizes violence against their oppressors as right, this frightens anyone who wants to defend this society based on money and subjugation. Now in the first grade trial that piece of mine cost me a year and three months of prison on charges of ‘instigation to commit violence’. Another comrade made a strong criticism to a piece of dissociation from the May 2012’s episode, and supported the action carried out in a sunny day in Genoa highlighting its importance within the struggle of the exploited against the exploiters. This comrade is to go on trial like myself but on more serious charges. Other comrades investigated within Operation Shadow and others in Palermo and Udine have been accused of similar offences, in reference to subversive pieces of writing. Comrades in Greek prisons have recently been harassed because they continue to write words that incite to revolt and spread anarchist ideas and the just use of revolutionary violence.
It’s obvious how throughout Europe the State’s tactic is that of suffocating subversive ideas starting from their spreading through pieces of writing. To be in solidarity with certain practices, to support them and claim their rightness is a crime. This story has been going on for over one hundred and fifty years: to talk about these things is frightening, the State knows that our small minority is dangerous and must not expand among the ranks of the exploited. It is on the contrary necessary to take our ideas to the streets, by deeds and words. In these squalid and confused times our ideas, which try to get to the bottom line of social and therefore individual problems, can create an opening to Social Revolution as opposed to the barbarism of all the States, be they western ones or eastern ones. Nevertheless the monopoly of violence doesn’t belong to us revolutionaries but to the States. If we organize ourselves as a minority and if the exploited organize themselves in a similar way, if an individual arms himself and shoots at carabinieri outside the Parliament while trying to execute politicians, then all this must be suppressed, smeared and distorted or, even better, forgotten. It must not be talked about. But we, the anarchists, when we decide to arm ourselves even with ferocious words against those who want us to be submitted, we are those who want a different world, who want women and men and their relations not to be based on violence and abuse but on reciprocity, solidarity, respect and many other things. Unfortunately violence is an important aspect of our way of being, we’re not pacifist, we don’t hand olive branches over to someone who uses violence on us, we know that he who has everything now won’t let go of it after a chat. For those who govern us the negotiating table is like the sugar of submission. We won’t sit at that table and we call on everybody not to do so because the filth on the surface has gone deep to the bottom. On the contrary we claim self-defence as legitimate to take back what’s for us and even more. Self-defence is at the same time also attack, one of the best facets of being anarchists because it is unpredictable and hidden in our minds that conspire every day.
In our circles, occupations, during our demos, marches, rallies, concerts, in leaflets, books posters, do we follow this line of reasoning because we look for accomplices or do we spread propaganda simply because we want even one single person to go back home with different ideas? How many efforts in this direction? How many of us got close to anarchist ideas through small gestures? I think it’s worth talking about our ideas openly, that’s all; it’s more and more necessary to be clear and to have proposals of struggle that go even more to the core of social problems. Certainly, sometimes we need to be careful, we can make our contents understood through euphemisms without the risk of denunciations that add weight to our files. But sometimes we are stubborn and we decide to say something, even if we know what we are risking. The Genoa comrade’s piece goes precisely in this direction. Silence does harm after others’ words have vilified and offended someone else’s action, an action precise in its goal among other things. We’ve got ideas and we stick to them tightly. I do understand that a fact like Adinolfi’s kneecapping can create astonishment, the conflict with the State is not on a high level in Italy in these times, but I wonder… what will Social Revolution be if not a hard battle against forces that are enemies to us? In order to avoid damage, we have to get the right instruments and discuss between comrades so as to face the possible coming of repression by remaining lucid and calm in the assessment of how just are certain things happening around us. At times one can even be silent. It’s precisely because of self-regard for ourselves, our ideas and all those who have fallen for them and the world we carry in our hearts, that we disapprove of certain ways of doing and we’ll fight against them. The task ahead of us of holding the flag of freedom and anarchy high will take long and will be hard. The word we have around us is provoking us, tiring us, blackmailing us constantly, but I’m sure if we tighten our ranks and spread our ideas we’ll manage to take them even where we wouldn’t dream.
Here I offer my greetings and support to Carlo, charged with article 414 in Genoa.
To the comrades from Palermo, to those of operation Shadow and to those under investigation I send my warmest and brotherly greetings.
To the comrades arrested following operation Scripta Manent goes all my solidarity. Only by reconfirming our principles can we feel right in our actions and ideas.
27.09.2016, Trento
Luca Dolce known as Stecco
Translated by act for freedom now!

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