Italy – Operation ‘Scripta Manent’: communiqué in solidarity


At dawn on 6th September a new repressive operation carried out by Turin’s prosecutors, hits at several Italian cities and strikes anarchist comrades. 32 searches, 15 people investigated and 8 arrested. The accusations are the same ones which the various prosecutors in charge have been using for years in order to cut off any way of life set against the dogma of the state and its ‘democratic order’.
So here come again articles 270bis (association with purposes of terrorism) and 280bis (acts of di terrorism with deadly and explosive devices). As usual all this is corroborated by the findings of very dangerous objects in the homes of the searched comrades: batteries, pegs, pamphlets, books on the history of anarchy…
Sadly nothing new: for a long time the state has cyclically tried to weaken and intimidate anarchist comrades, always with the usual ‘imaginary mega investigations’. Stews poorly made, full of forced conclusions, which most of the times leave their very makers empty-handed.
Our solidarity goes to those who are subjected to the state’s ‘obsessive attention’. To those who this very moment are being restrained in jail owing to this operation, which as usual has a pretentious name, ‘scripta manent’.
No confinement or cage will make the comrades feel alone if outside we continue to express (each one according to their tension) our hatred towards the state and the distortions it represents.
Rete Evasioni.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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