Update on Anarchist Prisoners on Hunger Strike in Mexico


From Anarchist Black Cross – Mexico
Translated by Scott Campbelld3b22e9be7fe362b2b3e38b4c960ce47_xl
October 8, 2016
On September 28, acts of resistance and struggle began inside the prisons, coordinated from different institutions. These acts, which include hunger strikes, fasts, and disobedience, are aimed at protesting the 33 year and five month sentence recently given to Luis Fernando Sotelo, as well as in solidarity with the national prison strike happening since September 9 in several prisons in the United States. This is a war cry from the bowels of the prison beast that invites us to spread the revolt, to attack not just the walls of the prison system but those of this prison society as a whole.
Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés have been segregated from the rest of the population of North Prison. Luis Fernando Sotelo has been harassed by staff from the South Prison and from the Mexico City Human Rights Commission for him to end his hunger strike.
The three have lost weight and are showing signs of fatigue, mild dizziness, aches and cramps.
Miguel Peralta remained on fast from September 28 until October 2 in Cuicatlán Prison in Oaxaca and had also been consistently pressured by the guards to eat.
The coordinated struggle from inside the prisons remains strong and steadfast, directly fighting the prison system.
Solidarity with Fernando, Abraham and Luis Fernando’s hunger strike!
Solidarity with Miguel Peralta!
Freedom for all!

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