Forlì, Italy –Double leaflet distributed at the FC-HC vol. 3


This is a double leaflet distributed on 10th September during the concert FC-HC Vol.3 in Forlì and in the following day’s event at Al Confino squat.
For those who were there, well, we can only say: thrills of happiness!
More of these days, even more joy and anger in our lives, even more dark and boring nights brightened by our shouts!
Anarchists. Punx. Friends. Rascals .
Unfortunately it’s a fact to be considered: fascists are growing in numbers all over Romagna.
They show themselves more often, in single groups in the cities and even in public initiatives: it’s the case with Forza Nuova as they set up food stalls outside supermarkets and call themselves ‘national solidarity’, and stage ‘anti-degrade’ gatherings and walks in stations and ‘troubled’ areas.
In Rimini, Ravenna, Forlì, Imola this shit friends of the cops are decisively more active than before.
Certainly as we set to reflect on how to challenge fascism today in 2016, we cannot help considering that the mass media culture and the messages that we get from everywhere every day are such as of racist populism, sharp sexism, bigot clericalism ever more explicit and retrograde… in other words we can’t but consider that the ‘average Italian’ is becoming fascist fast like lighting.
In May antifascist comrades were arrested in Rimini on order of a prosecutor, Paola Bonetti, close relative of the historic founder of Forza Nuova, following a fight against nazi­ skins (when two comrades were almost killed by the nazi’s stabbing) two years earlier. The paradox of all this: the self-confessed ones (naziskins) free and the almost killed comrades under house arrest.
A paradox that is as such if one doesn’t consider that carabinieri, judges and fascists have always been and will always be part of the same system of repression, of the same shit.
Obviously we don’t wish that the nazis are arrested nor do we expect justice from codes and courts: we only take notice of how very arrogant can the henchmen of power afford to be in this historical context.

In the light of these situations, when as revolutionaries we feel we are ever more surrounded by increasingly hostile contexts and subjects (from the disgusting average citizen to the prosecutor passing through the militant fascist), it is necessary for us who are writing to reinforce relations of solidarity and complicity, forge new ones, give ourselves time to meet up: give ourselves chances.
To create spaces and times free from cops, money, hierarchies, social roles, so as we get to know one another as individuals and understand our desires, tensions of attack against the system.
The present time is swirling like a seemingly untouchable giant, a fury and a one-way direction against which it seems impossible to act: it’s always us who decide the threshold of possibility, taking good care not to confound the risk of repression with objective impossibility.
In an existent of happy slaves the most difficult choice is that of being angry rebels, revolutionaries against everything and everybody… but after all tranquillity is a pitfall, a trap, not a value.
– Anarchists –
Info, contacts, oddities on Forlì and not only
Spazio libertArio Sole e Baleno, subb valzania 27, Cesena
A barbed wire barrier and small doll heads impaled on the fences like in horror movies, with video cameras and threatening signs against anyone who wants to cross Hungary’s borders.
A body floating face down in the channel of Sicily, and then another one and another one until the count is lost. Dead bodies in the Mediterranean killed by the laws on immigration and the west’s wars that force human beings to flee from the hells all over the world.
Hundreds of youngsters heavily beaten up on the rocks of Ventimiglia; those who were bringing them food and water get arrested and threatened with death, while the rich are having a 6-euro ice coffee on touristic beaches: the Italian State doesn’t want migrants on the move, nor does the French one.
Or rather they only want as many as they need to be exploited like unpaid slaves in the farming industry or as workforce in the mafia system of cooperatives; and hotel owners want them so that they can cram twenty of them in a room and get money from the government.
In Turkey and the places that the press call ‘Kurdistan’ fascist and religious fanatic Erdogan is slaughtering his opponents incessantly, he has implemented a religious regime in Turkey and the world is smiling.
Italy, France, Germany, USA and all the European countries are very happy that such powerful an assassin is there to stop revolts in the Middle East, to fight against Kurdish revolutionaries (YPG, JPG, PKK etc…) with bombs and lies.
Prison killed yet another enraged person early in September in Cremona. ‘Maybe natural causes, maybe suicide, but who knows: let’s open an investigation…’ say the jailers and the press their bootlickers.
It’s prison murder, like all the dead inside there: it’s homicide in the name of authority.
If those walls and system of punishment, segregation and torture didn’t exist, its victims wouldn’t exist either.
And then other snapshots, other pictures of sunny beaches, with cops chasing street sellers like in a movie, and they think they are Robocop because they have arrested and ‘sent back to his home’ a boy without documents who makes ends meet by selling stupid things to disgusting tourists, who first argue on the price of a fake Armani bag and then call the police.
Man hunting in the day and in the night in Rimini, Cervia, Riccione…
Images of the misery of our time, of the constant war waged by those who dominate the world and their happy servants (damned honest citizens); images of those who still don’t accept this world, don’t want it, struggle against it, despise it.
But there are also happy snapshots this summer…
In Ventimiglia, while giving a beating and undertaking his task of assassin on the payroll, a cop (mobile unit of Bolzaneto: the torturers and rapists of the 2001 G8 summit) kicks the bucket after a heart failure. Good news at last!
In Brenner hundreds of anarchists, anti racists and people angry at this world clash with the police for hours.
It was a demo deliberately made to cause clashes, the press say, and yes, it was like that, because there’s always a good reason to clash with the cops and one more if they threaten to close yet another border. To erect walls on imaginary lines decided by the states and the authority in order to put us in a cage of rules, labels, documents.
A CIE (prison for people without documents) in Bari is thrown into turmoil by the prisoners while outside people in solidarity are encouraging the revolt: some fresh air at last!
In July cops murder a twenty-three-year old banlieu boy in a Paris’ police station. A week of street clashes, fires and anger against the cops follows.
The same anger against the State’s assassins that the Afro-American community has unleashed in the streets following the umpteenth murders of black boys by white cops in the USA (Dallas, Baltimore).
Even peace Nobel prize winner Barack Obama has talked of ‘racial war’. Yes, and not only: class war. The hit men paid by the white rich killing the black poor.
All these images, these pictures one has in one’s head because the TV, social networks, newspapers and YouTube must reproduce and spread everything making a spectacle of all the events and saying nothing of the reasons (or lying, manipulating them), might be just images. Just more pictures to be shown off amidst the ever present indifference.
Otherwise there’s anger and the impossibility to stay put.
This world is a prison, these lives of ours are half-survival.
All the information and counter-information of the globe serve nothing if those who receive them don’t have the impulse to act in order to change what they think unacceptable. This paper is a collection of information but above all it wants to be a spur, a question, a pinch.
To act. Each one according to their attitudes, ends and consciences, but to act because the life that capitalism often makes us curse can be beautiful.
We ought to talk about the repression that the State (any type of State) puts in place against the revolutionaries, not make a list of misfortunes or complain about injustice.
For those who are writing it’s the will to let anyone who wants to support those who struggle against the existent know that there are comrades whom the State’s revenge has fallen over. Consequently the comrades’ revenge should in turn fall over the enemy, like return to fire, like a message of true solidarity.
It’s called justice and expresses itself through the magistrates’ words in courtrooms, but in the end it’s just the State’s revenge as it protects itself from anyone who wants to destroy it. As anarchists, yes of course we want the destruction of the State (and not only, obviously!) and yes of course the State wants to get rid of anarchists.
And as it does with anarchists, the State wants to get rid (imprison, physically eliminate, reject, annihilate with TSO or factory work, etc.) of all the individuals whom it doesn’t need.
On 6th September Turin prosecutors arrested eight comrades between Turin and Pescara and searched the homes of 34 people within an operation named ‘Scripta Manent’.
They say they have defeated the minds and hands of FAI/FRI (Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front) and that the latter wanted to kill through terrorist attacks.
There are historical periods when some words are particularly fashionable: today terrorist is certainly one of those.
With the due exceptions of course: a bomb dropped by an F35 to slaughter Afghan and Syrian villages and peoples is not terrorism. A Molotov against a high speed railway yard or a parcel bomb sent by mail to a servant of the State are so.
Those who have their brains rotten by the dogma of authority cannot conceive the idea that there is a form of organization that doesn’t contemplate (on the contrary it fights against) hierarchies, orders, specialized tasks, leaders and subordinates. A cop and a judge reason as if all the human population was made by cops and judges.
Anarchists and anti authoritarian revolutionaries of all tensions and inclinations have no vertical structures, are not ‘fighting parties’, are not puppets at the service of one or more leaders.
Anarchists attack power out of love for freedom, hatred for the existent, revenge and solidarity, pleasure why not, but for sure they don’t do so to follow some order they were given or some programme.
On 2nd August another comrade was arrested in Bologna in circumstances still unclear… it pretty much stinks of a trap skilfully devised by the shit in uniform and their colleagues in plain clothes and collars. But we won’t go further as we don’t have more precise details.
Divine, who’s now locked up in the High Surveillance Unit 2 of the Ferrara prison, was arrested for alleged possession of explosive material. Of course we are not interested who did what or had what in either case (or in any other case!)
We are interested in knowing who our accomplices are, who our comrades and enemies are… and we know that very well.
With these few words we want everyone to know that there are other comrades of ours in the clutches of the damned Italian State’s locks and bars, and we want to relaunch the anger and revenge against this disgusting world, its henchmen, boredom, day-by-day death.
To free the prisoners, to free ourselves all from the cages we have in our heads and from the fear that makes our hands sluggish.
To write to Divine:
Divine Umoru
Via Arginone 327
44122 Ferrara
Translated by act for freedom now!

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