Buenos Aires, Argentina – ‘Luddite Cell’ set police car on fire (21/09/2016)


Silence means disinterest and absence in the face of a society that as a whole seems to ignore all the important things of life on this planet. Disinterest in knowing that everything we use comes to an end.
And absence of critique and reaction to the current situation.b-a-buenos-aires-argentina-cellula-luddista-incend-1
To give life better values through practical examples of direct action. Against the imposed normality, of mechanized transport, on the ramified roads in asphalt.
At 1am on 21st September 2016 we attacked a car of the new police station with an incendiary device, in Fray J. Sarmiento and Laprida, Vicente López, Buenos Aires.
Destruction is a comprehensible message of negation of what has been created by human beings.
Fire and gunpowder to fight the sad hibernation of immobility and silence.
Luddite Cell
Translated  by act for freedom now!

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