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Blockade English Defence League coach company Johnsons Coaches | 17.08.2010
The English Defence League are a violently racist, Islamophobic and Zionist gang of hooligans with connections to racist groups such as combat 18, Blood & Honour, BNP, NF and UKIP. They have attacked communities, placed pigs heads on Mosques, pulled off Muslim women’s clothes, smashed up shops, cars and homes in racially motivated riots in the UK.


The English Defence League have rioted in towns and cities including the small picturesque town of Dudley which has seen some of the worst rioting by the racists.

The racist, Islamophobic and Zionist EDL have been transported to riot in coaches hired from Johnsons Coaches based in the West Midlands.

We are asking Johnsons Coaches to stop taking the hooligans to riot in their coaches. The EDL have been involved in stabbings and have tried to return home covered in blood. Some of the hooligans have violently attacked the police which has also left them bloodstained. Do Johnsons really want these bloody racist idiots and thugs on their coaches? Do Johnsons approve of the rioting? How would they like it if anti fascist protesters demonstrated in Henly in Arden where Johnsons are based?

Telephone Johnsons Coaches and tell them not to transport the racist rioting thugs. Blockade the lines all day tomorrow Wednesday 18th August.

Tel : 01564 797 000
Tel : 01564 797 010
Tel : 01564 797 020
Tel : 01564 797 030
Tel : 01564 797 040
Tel : 01564 797 066

Fax : 01564 797 050



Johnsons Coaches
Liveridge House
Liveridge Hill
West Midlands
B95 5QS

Pictured here are the EDL around a Johnsons Coach with the police, rioting and a Camden EDL Division member with a specially hand crafted placard alongside the Zionist SOIE in Harrow.

Blockade English Defence League coach company Johnsons Coaches

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