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Hi everyone, a short briefing on anarchist comrade Claudio Lavazza’s situation (the comrade has been locked up in the prisons of the Spanish State since 1996). Claudio was transferred from the prison of Teixeiro to that of Valdemoro (Madrid) from where, at his request, he will be taken to France for a trial concerning charges (particularly an attack on a branch of the Bank of France) pressed by the courts of Paris. At the time Claudio got the maximum sentence for those charges (as established by French law in case of absence in order to avoid the offence going through the statute of limitations); so in the coming months a proper trial will be held and when it’s over Claudio will be taken back to Spain to serve the accumulated sentences there.
Waiting for an address where you can write to him in France, once again Claudio thanks all the comrades and situations that have never failed to make him feel solidarity and revolutionary love throughout all these years!
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