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Occupied Theatre School Salonica
Sunday 6/12 Manifestation

The only way to find out if we can swim, is to dive in the water…

If we have one thing to keep from last December, this is that the silence has finally been broken. Together with the social outbreak a great need for discussion broke through. We saw in the most barbaric way that the fairy tale we are being told, about “no dead ends in democracy” is nothing but a cheap lie of the authorities. There are plenty of dead ends. We see them in our dozens of everyday problems.

So how do we, as a society, react to that? We accept the “fairy tale”?

There is an exit from this system that destroys out lives and does nothing more than recreating and dealing with the corruptness created by its own self.

This exit exists in each one and all of us together. We just have to keep listening the message that came out from last year’s insurrection.

Which message?

That the only way to liberate ourselves from the horrible reality we are living in is to start deciding for ourselves by ourselves. We have to realize that the logic “vote every four years and I’ ll do the best for you” is the logic that maintains this rotten system.

Everybody is responsible for their lives and the society they are living in.

We have to recognize this responsibility and start making steps in order to cut the umbilical cord that still connects us with all kinds of authority. Steadily we have to start changing our surroundings, in order to manage to abolish calamitous institutions like the representative democracy, and to create other institutions based on the equal participation of everybody. These are the paths last December opened. And we need to continue walking on these paths without fear. In every neighborhood, every school, every university, in working spaces, for the immigrants, for the environment…without fear in everything concerning out lives.

It’s better to decide for ourselves by ourselves, even if we make mistakes.

If so, the mistakes will be ours as well. We will learn, we will keep on, we will stand on our own feet

Open assembly at the occupation of the Theatre School, 122 Egnatias str, Thessaloniki Saturday 5/12 19:00

Manifestation Sunday 6/12, 12:30, Kamara.

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