Santiago, Chile: Explosive attack against a State Bank branch by Autonomous Brigades for the Fire



The night of October 23, commune of Macul, Santiago. The eve of the electoral farce.
We claim the sabotage of Banco Estado (State Bank).
There are plenty of motives for arson and for realizing the anarchic offensive against their temples of money.
With this action we extend our commitment to the revolt. Maximum willingness for the intensification of the conflict against State Capital, Power and all authority.
We send greetings to all the imprisoned comrades facing judicial trials and processes in the coming weeks.
Ignacio Muñoz
Manuel, Amaru, Felipe, Maria Paz, Natalia
Juan, Enrique, Nataly.
Total complicity with all of you.
Autonomous Brigades for the Fire
translated by Insurrection News

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