Ferrara, Italy – Anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito’s words concerning operation Scripta Manent


moon-songValentina, Danilo, Anna, Marco, Sandro, Daniele, Nicola friends, brothers, sisters, comrades have been arrested and re-arrested.
I should come out with the usual things about the umpteenth frame-up. Instead I want to talk about why they were arrested. Because brothers and sisters attacked, they were tired of waiting, they ignored the majority’s decisions and took action.
However I remain optimistic and in good spirits because the logic of ‘1+1=2’ tells me that the comrades who attacked are still free and are therefore able to attack again.
Power doesn’t repress at random. Today it wants to isolate and annihilate a part of the anarchist movement, which however ‘small’, managed to break the chains that tied it to the ‘old social anarchy’.  A social anarchism looking for ‘consensus at all costs’ in a suicidal and compulsive way.
By constantly watering down its aspirations.
This vision that never goes ‘beyond’ is useful to power, which on the contrary fears the anarchists who refuse to let their hands be tied by ‘consensus’ because they are convinced that only from action (not abstract theories or seeking-chasing the ‘people’) does strategy emerge, the path to take.  I don’t want to dwell on the ‘charges’ or so-called ‘evidence’. The only thing I feel like saying is that the brothers and sisters of FAI-FRI have always claimed their merits and their actions heads held high in the face of the pigs in robes, by taking responsibility for them, by spitting in their faces, as we did in Genoa.
It is not my absolute priority to get out of jail at any cost but to leave it head held high without ever disowning anything  that I have been, that I am.
I’ll get out by fair means or foul, that depends on my strength, my abilities, the strength of my brothers and sisters outside, but for sure I shall get out with my head held high.
My ideal complicity goes to the brothers and sisters of ‘Cooperativa Artigiana Fuoco ed Affini’- FAI, to the brothers and sisters of the FAI-RAT(Rivolta Anonima Tremenda) and the brothers and sisters of the Narodnaja Volja – FAI, whoever they are, wherever they are.
My ideal complicity goes to anarchism of action which is rising again in new forms after a long hibernation.
Forward without fear.
The future is ours.
Thought and Dynamite
Alfredo Cospito


Translated by act for freedom now!

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