Ferrara, Italy – Anarchist Alfredo Cospito’s communiqué on the hunger strike


Note: Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino are no longer on hunger strike. They had begun the protest on 3rd October and 10th October respectively, and both ended it on 22nd October. This communiqué was received by croceneranarchica.org a few days before the end of the hunger strike, delayed due to prison censorship.
To anarchists
Call for Revolutionary Solidarity
Neo-inquisitor Turin prosecutor Roberto Sparagna wants to take over from Laudi, he is playing the game of annihilation on our skins. Just for a start, against isolation (restriction-torture imposed on us by Sparagna) hunger strike to the end without limitations to the extreme consequences.
I’ll carry on with determination until the isolation ends.
Roberto Sparagna wants to bend us by cutting off all our relations inflicting censorship and isolation aimed at cancelling any glimmer of affection, any chance of resistance.
In the coming weeks I’ll be putting my life at stake.
I don’t deny that it is complicated to reach the goal but I put my trust in the hatred I feel towards any form of power and any prevarication against my anarchist brothers’ and sisters’ revolutionary solidarity – and above all I trust my own willpower.
My strength is a multiform anarchist movement in constant transformation. Only by putting one’s life and safety at stake, day after day. Only by dirtying one’s hands with action (whatever this may be) does one have any bearing on reality, does one make a difference.
‘Hunger strike’ (in my opinion something unthinkable outside) doesn’t involve disdain in the situation I’m in. Desperation or underestimation of my own life. A magnificent and joyful life because it is put at stake, thrown into the fray of the struggle without calculation or opportunism. An attitude that I shall keep until my last breath.
Let’s smash the indifference, the political calculations of an anarchist movement in Italy that is too often static, frozen, that only takes concerted action when there is someone dead, some innocent victim.
Let’s break the isolation.
Revolutionaries must be liberated.
For anarchy.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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