Ercolano (Naples), Italy – Clashes with Casapound: Vesuvian Anarchist Space under seizure


Ercolano, in the morning of 15 November, 6 militants of Gulf of Naples Casa Pound were involved in an anti-eviction initiative in corso Resina, where some families of Ercolano are living in a building owned by the Curia.
During their initiative, a car carrying six fascists tried to attack the nearby Vesuvius Anarchist Space. Some there, clubs in hand, split their heads open, sending them to hospital.
We are not interested in who they were, we stand alongside those who practice direct action and beat fascists into the ground.
Following the incident, numerous Carabinieri, Police, Digos, military and local police turn up outside the Vesuvius Anarchist Space where several Anarchist comrades were barricaded inside.
The guards were intent on identifying those inside the space, linking the anarchist comrades with the incident.
After several hours barricaded inside the Space the comrades, determined not to be identified, decided to open the doors and break through the cordon of guards outside. During the melee numerous comrades and local residents gave a hand during the escape, in which an officer was knocked to the ground injured and a resident of the area, a supporter, and two anarchist comrades were arrested.
One of them was tried this morning 16 November, and given a suspended sentence for resisting a public officer.
Momentarily the Vesuvius Anarchist  Space has been ravaged by the police and placed under judicial seizure.
It seems more than obvious to us that the State and cops had concocted the plan long ago: they were looking for a pretext to close an Anarchist Space in a difficult territory like the province, considered inconvenient by the authorities. In fact, a deployment of security forces was no surprise, already last winter on two separate occasions they tried to enter to snoop in a space that we consider our home without, however, ever having succeeded because they were chased away with determination.
As anarchists they will never find us dominated, always practicing and proudly claiming our anarchism and the unmediated and irrecuperable practices that are ours.
We are alongside our comrades of the Vesuviano Anarchist Space.
We also send a strong embrace to Carlo, our Anarchist comrade of Genoa, who yesterday November 15 was sentenced to 14 months for advocating crime as a result of his written statement in solidarity with the action of comrades Alfredo and Nicola .
Some anarchists in Campania
Croce Nera Anarchica
 Translated by act for freedom now!

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