Grete,Chania: Responsibility claim for the torching of a vehicle of the diplomatic corps.


In the early hours of November 14th we torched a Citroen C5, a vehicle
belonging to the Diplomatic corps. The vehicle was completely destroyed
by the fire. As long as there is a state and capital, we will not
hesitate to attack their means and structures at any chance. With this
act of ours, we want to send a message of solidarity to those who resist
and revolt in all corners of the earth.
Freedom to all our anarchist comrades who are incarcerated in the
hellholes of the state.
Strength to the members of the R.S., C.C.F. and to anarchist-communist
Tasos Theofilou for the appellate trials taking place right now and to
those anarchists involved in them.
Solidarity to the arrestees of the clashes on the 15th and 17th of
Translated by Actforfree

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