A Call for Vengeance Against Citibank from Chicago – USA


Anonymously submitted to It’s Going Down
22/11 Last night, in keeping with our first communique, we destroyed the front of another Chicago Citibank in retaliation for the atrocities committed against the water protectors in North Dakota two days ago.
Citibank: you too are responsible for the loss of our comrade’s arm. You have always numbered among the forces organized to preserve and profit from a violent and intolerable world, but today we shall be more specific : you are financing the black snake, you are the shadowy, respectable double of the police, and you mutilated the body of a peaceful water protector–the body of one of our friends. You bank against indigenous people, against women, against the earth, against us. You are therefore our enemy.

Today, we issue this call to our friends organizing across the globe: let not one window, door, or ATM survive this or any night while a cabal of Citibankers blows off our arms. Smash their storefronts, their independent ATMs, their video cameras, their signs. Fuck their shit up, hard. If you can’t find a hammer or a paint bomb, the patience of the rock will suffice. If possible, choose locations bordering residential areas to avoid cameras. All the better if there are dark paths, woods, rivers, or parks nearby where one can hide. Wear dark, baggy clothing – a hat and hood for the approach, a full mask for the last two blocks and the deed itself, and move quickly, quickly.
Expect to be seen on camera, and ditch everything as soon as you are done. Cops have lights that will reveal glass shards on clothing. Tools should be thoroughly washed and wiped; shoes, pants, and accessories should all be disposable. Do not get into your vehicle blocked up, and avoid mass transit — too many cameras! Do not take your cell phone, or if you must, remove the battery; it geo-locates even when powered down. Bikes can be disguised with new handlebars and saddles plus colored paper or cloth taped to the posts. 2, maybe 3 friends total is probably the best — and if you have someone take photos, make sure they are masked up as well, or the cops will pair the image with video footage and discover the photographer’s identity.
Try to familiarize yourselves with the area beforehand. Locations can be found via Google Maps, but ONLY via Tor. Google Earth is helpful for scoping alleys and hiding places, but again, only through Tor. And move quickly, always! Speed is your thickest armor, your most powerful weapon.
To our friends: make it rain on Citibank, tonight, tomorrow, as soon as possible. You will not do so alone; we are with you.
To Citibank, and all our enemies: withdraw your support, whatever its form, from the Dakota Access Pipeline, and withdraw it immediately. Otherwise you may expect a long night before the dawn.

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