[Zurich, Switzerland] Highway blocked in solidarity


Solidarity means attack
41999On 1 December, as the sun was rising, we blocked the motorway exits to Zurich. The morning traffic is the beginning of a new day of work, fuel for the economy in one of the richest cities in Switzerland. The axes of circulation are always lifelines of capital to paralyze and that means creating spaces and provoking moments of interruption.
Whether it is a few people in the morning, alone in the night, several at a demonstration: the attack against this society knows only one direction. This blockage was carried out in solidarity with the comrades under investigation for a wild demonstration in Basel, as well as for another person still in detention. Solidarity with the comrade on the run since July and still wanted by the police for the incendiary attack of a radio-antenna of the cops.
For anarchy!
[Translated from linksunten, 2 December 2016]
Translated from French by Act for freedom now!

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