>Geneva private bankers targeted in attacks



Two people have been injured after corrosive liquid was sent in letters to several private bankers in Geneva and their families, police said on Wednesday.

They confirmed a report of the attacks which appeared in the city’s Tribune de Genève newspaper.

Geneva became a centre for private banking 200 years ago and the western Swiss city is now said to manage around ten per cent of international private savings.

“I can confirm the information that appeared on Wednesday in the Tribune de Genève,” said police spokesman Thierry Brandt, who added that a judge had been appointed to lead an inquiry.

Neither the police nor the Geneva Private Bankers’ Association would disclose the identity of the banks or bankers targeted as the case is now a matter for criminal investigation.

Police have contacted other financial institutions in the city urging them to be careful of any suspicious packages.

swissinfo.ch and agencies

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