GREECE – Final Update from appellate trial for the case of the robbery in Pirgetos, with anarchist comrades G.Sarafoudis and G.Naxakis, and text read by anarchist Grigoris Sarafoudis at court


Update from the trial for the robbery in Pirgetos
The appellate trial for the case of the robbery in Pirgetos, Larissa
with anarchist comrades G.Sarafoudis and G.Naxakis. The comrades had
initially been convicted for the robbery as well as integration and
participation in the CCF. Concerning the charge of integration and
participation it is a completely vague and unclear charge for which
there was no evidence.
As for the charge of robbery, the prosecution witnesses-bank employees
did not recognize comrade Sarafoudis (comrade Naxakis refused to be
present in the process), and the video from the bank cameras was
mysteriously lost after it was delivered to the authorities. Essentially
the only evidence was a controversial dna sample from earphones that
were found on the scene and allegedly belongs to comrades Sarafoudis.
The prosecutor’s proposition was for them to be acquitted for
participation and integration in the CCF, guilty for the robbery with
the extra felony weight of having their faces covered, guilty for gun
possession and guilty for grand theft of two or more people who united
to commit that. In the end they were acquitted of the CCF charge and
were found guilty for robbery and simple theft.
The judge imposed sentences larger than what the prosecutor proposed
convicting comrade Sarafoudis to 9 years and 9 months and comrade
Naxakis to 11 years combined and 1000 euro fine to each of them.
At the side of all hostage comrades!
Fire to all prison cells!
Text read by anarchist Grigoris Sarafoudis at the appellate court for
the Pyrgetos robbery case.
I would like to begin my statement from the charges pressed against me
in the present case. For the charge of integrating and participating in
the organization CCF. This specific charge has been given to, besides
anarchists that have taken political responsibility for their
participation in the organization, a lot more anarchists in different
cases that have no relation with the organization. In my opinion, this
aims to expand the indictment with article 187a and also to create the
impression that every anarchist that gets arrested can be named a member
of an organization even if there is no indication or evidence, but with
only justification being the fact of participating in the
anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu. The present case I think is the
definition of the above. It is clear that the scenario about me
integrating and participating in the organization CCF doesn’t stand on
any logical base, it is not supported by any evidence, and further down
I will try to demonstrate the fact that our conviction in the first
degree trial was at least groundless. Ι will start with the testimony of
witness Hardalias.
This witness therefore, which holds a high position in the
anti-terrorism force, testified that until 2013 when i was arrested, he
and his force did not have any information on me or Giannis (Naxakis),
but only an anonymous phone-call that spoke of our alleged participation
in the Velventos robbery, something that of course is not true as he
affirmed that no kind of indication exists that relates us with the
hide-outs and actions of the organization. Concerning the case that is
being examined today, he testified that neither him nor his force dealt
with it and also that he doesn’t have in his knowledge anything relevant
to it. At this point I want to highlight the fact that in none of the
indictments for CCF actions, which include arson, bomb attacks,
hide-outs, possession of weapons, explosives and escape plans of the
members from prison, I am not mentioned anywhere, and of course I’ve
never been accused for any of those acts simply because i have nothing
to do with the CCF organization. Any reasonable person, based on the
above, would expect our acquittal at least from the charge of
integration and participation in the organization, from the first degree
trial, like it happened for example in the Velvedos robbery case where
the anarchists that were charged with integrating and participating in
CCF organization, got acquitted unanimously and irretrievably from the
charge, and like in this present case, there was no connection with the
actions of the organization but only the fact that all the accused are
from the anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu. In our case, logic didn’t
prevail, and it would be better to say that the logic of the absurd or
of feasibility prevailed. So because no indication or evidence exists
that relates us with participation in the organization, the only
justification for our guilt was the fact that we participate in the
anarchist/anti-authoritarian milieu. Finishing with this part therefore,
i want to state that I participate in the procedures and the struggle of
the anarchist milieu for around 15 years now and I am proud of my
choice, but there is a distance from there to choosing to participate in
an armed organization, a distance I never covered. I want to add that my
political views differ a lot from the views and the positions expressed
in public statements and communiques by the organization CCF.
I will now go onto the charge of the robbery of the Agrotiki bank in
Pirgetos. What implicates me with this charge is the expertise of the
crime labs in which my dna is identified with dna found on a pair of
earphones inside the bank. Obviously even if this is the case, the only
safe conclusion one comes to is that I came into contact with these
earphones at some point without being able to establish the exact
moment. Continuing, I would like to mention the following incidents.
First of all, i would like to mention that just like most people i also
used many pairs of earphones because this is a mobile object and
naturally disposable to a great degree. I would also like to mention
that i cannot possibly know where each pair of earphones I have used in
the past is right now.
Now as for the validity of the extraction and analysis of biological
material, I would like to say the following. In 2013 when I was arrested
and they violently extracted my dna in GADA (athens police hq), there
was no possibility of re-examining the process of extraction and
analyzing the dna resulting in the beforehand elimination of the factor
of a human mistake or even the methods used against the accused. Today,
after the hunger strikes of the political prisoners that took place in
2015 in which i participated and lasted 47 days, one of the demands we
had and won concerned the process and analysis of dna. Now, from the
initial stage of extracting and analyzing the dna, an expert chosen by
the accused can be present, who will draw up an official report while
this process will take place with respect to the dignity of the accused.
Also, during this process, the prosecutor and the expert must be
present. In our case of course none of the above was true.
Finally, i will make a short reference to the testimonies of the
witnesses and to the main fact that shows i did not have any
participation in the robbery. This fact is that none of the witnesses
who testified did not recognize my characteristic tone of my voice
although according to their testimonies they spoke with both
perpetrators during the robbery.
To conclude therefore, i explicitly refuse the charges in their
entirety. I never had any relations with the organization CCF, i never
participated in the robbery of Agrotiki bank in Pirgetos and I have
nothing to do with the car theft and gun possession.
I have nothing more to add concerning the charges.
To close, i would like to make a short comment. It is therefore clear
that the reality for the majority of the human population is at least
sad and the future looks worse. I as an anarchist consider fair and
necessary every struggle that comes from bellow, against the dominant
mindset of resignation, delegation and subjugation, and i stand in
solidarity to any human who reacts and fights their daily life on an
individual and collective level against inequality, injustice,
oppression and exploitation. Because for me the only hope for a better
tomorrow for people and nature is this struggle.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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