Lecco, Italy – Leaflet given out during initiatives in solidarity with the comrades arrested following operation ”Scripta Manent”


unnamedOn 6th September operation Scripta Manent, coordinated by the Digos of Turin, led to the arrest of 7 anarchist comrades (two of them already in prison) on charges of association with intent of terrorism; another comrade, who wasn’t accused of association, was arrested because ‘material intended to fabricate devices’ was found during the raid on his home.
More specifically, the attacks included in this investigation are: the parcel bombs sent to the CPT [Migrants’ detention centre] director in Modena in May 2005, to the municipal police in Torino-San Alvario and to the police chief in Lecce; the device exploded against the RIS [carabinieri special unit] in Parma (24th October 2015), the parcel bomb sent to Sergio Cofferati (2nd November 2005), the devices against the carabinieri training centre in Fossano (2nd June 2006), the parcel bombs sent to Coema Edilita (a company involved in the refurbishment of the prison for migrants) in July 2006 in Turin, to the mayor of the city Sergio Chiamparino and the director of Torino Cronaca, the devices placed in the Turin neighbourhood of Crocetta (7th March 2007); and the wounding of Ansaldo Nucleare managing director Roberto Adinolfi (7th May 2012), which was claimed by two comrades, is also part of the accusation of terrorist association.
Scripta Manent… so what?
As the concepts of innocence and guilt don’t belong to us, we are not going to include them in our analysis of the struggle; nor do we want to bother about the solidity of the police accusations or the comrades’ involvement in the actions they’re accused of. Instead, we want to propose a few points which we hope can inspire ideas and move to action.

As usual, in the face of direct destructive actions, we want to highlight how important is to act.
In the daytime we take part in gigs, meetings, benefit events, we organize the struggle, we try to spread the seeds of insurrection through words, publications, posters… In the daylight we choose the targets, look for affinities, forge human relations.
In the night each one puts the existent in turmoil as best they like by attacking dominion directly. With the help of darkness the targets can be seen more clearly, people in affinity organize themselves and act.
That’s the beauty of anarchist action: practices that intertwine and become stronger!
Yes, we are subversive! Direct action is an unavoidable moment that makes words and speeches concrete, the latter being important but they can’t affect the status quo by themselves.
The practice of conflictuality is the common denominator of every moment of struggle. Whether one attacks with words or deeds, repression strikes those who carry out these practices; it’s natural that States defend themselves from those who want them destroyed.
In fact the comrades arrested following this umpteenth repressive operation are being struck because they spread the question of direct action.
Our support and complicity goes to them and to anyone who decides to put their life on the line as they try to pierce the clogs of the ‘mega-machine’, they are aware of being exposed to all forms of repression but are not prepared to surrender to this.
It would be good if we gave actions our support as soon as we learned of them, by spreading them and making them part of the trajectories of struggle that each of us carries on in the daylight; and not, as too often happens, only after someone gets arrested.
There’s still much to do about that, the first step is to not leave the imprisoned comrades alone either in the day or in the night.
Anarchists from Lecco and surroundings
Translated by act for freedom now!

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