Germany – Two Spanish anarchists arrested in the Forest of Hambach and imprisoned in Cologne


cropped-img_8250Yesterday, 30th November, eight people were arrested in the Forest of Hambach. 2 comrades from Spain were among those arrested. All were released last night, except the two comrades, who were remanded in custody in Cologne today. The names under which they were known in the forest were Siao and Hodey, but in Spain we know them under different names.
Tensions have been increasing in the Forest of Hambach recently. On 17th November there was a block road carried out with burning barricades, stones were thrown during the clashes with the security company, while the ‘installing’ of a fake explosive device delayed the dismantling of the barricades and the tree felling for hours. Since then, for several days, police cars and those of the company employees have been hit with stones at the beginning and at the end of their day at work. Two days ago some people were throwing stones at about a dozen cops and workers in the Deadly-Trap area of the forest, and then started building the barricade on the road.

As this was happening, two cops left the van to disperse people, while one of them went into the forest chasing the comrades. He stumbled and fell over, and got several blows before he managed to run off in fear looking for back-up. A long period of tension followed with a large numbers of cops summoned to the scene at the end of the day. The last convoy to leave the mine that day was also attacked with stones by some of the people present. Finally yesterday there was another attack in the street against the security car, which made the driver lose control causing an accident. Soon after many cop vans turned up and surrounded the field and the forest in order to prevent people from leaving the scene. At this point the hunt began and 5 people were arrested. Another person was arrested in one of the houses in the forest and another two in the house on the trees. These two are now being held in custody.
Siao and Hodey are accused of attacking the police and using explosives, and for this reason they are being held hostage in the prison of Cologne. We’ll spread all the information we get and the addresses to write to them, as soon as we know them.
Solidarity and struggle!
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!

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