[Zurich, Switzerland] Demonstrations against borders, war and racism


zurich0412-1On Saturday 3 December, about 300 people gathered in the 4th district of the city for a wild demonstration in solidarity with migrants. Shortly after 7.30pm in ‘Helvetiaplatz’, the march started off in the direction of ‘Langstrasse’ and the city centre.
In the middle of the jets of firecrackers and fireworks, some attacks joyfully accompanied the stroll: cars were demolished (two in the ‘Molkenstrasse’), a tramway and billboards were damaged, as was an illuminated sign of the police (cf photo). Various façades and a VBZ bus were tagged. The police, who were deployed massively near the demonstration, blocked access to the city centre and in particular to the ‘Europaallee’. During the march, a police officer was wounded in the hand by a projectile. A 19-year-old protester who seriously injured himself while lighting a pyrotechnic device had to be hospitalized. The demonstration dispersed around 9:15 pm.
On Thursday, 1 December, nearly 80 people gathered at the Stadelhoferplatz to protest against “borders, war and racism”. Circulation of the tramway was temporarily interrupted, but the large police deployment prevented the crowd from going on to the demonstration. The cops gassed the rally and arrested 17 people, all of whom were released shortly afterwards. The press reports that the demonstrators engaged in a game of cat and mouse with the police and then mixed with the onlookers of the ‘Sechseläutenplatz’ Christmas market. The protest dissolved around 10 pm “.
[Reformulated from the Zurich press, 3. December 2016]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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