Italy: Operation “Scripta Manent” — Solidarity poster (12/2016)


And how many others have realized that they have lived
only for the monotonous tick-tock of the clocks.
It is a great joy
to see blow up
barracks, courthouses and
agents of Power.
The system and its structures are not abstract, they are clearly visible;
the perpetrators have names and surnames
and they can be easily identified.
To each his own choice.
Since 2003 various cells of Informal Anarchist Federation have carried out dozens of direct actions across Italy. On September 6th with operation “Scripta Manent” the State have imprisoned 8 anarchist comrades, accusing them of some of these actions. We don’t need to know who carried out these actions and if there are any connections with the arrested comrades. Our heart will continue to beat with everyone who choose a path of non submission and of attack on Power.
Solidarity with Valentina, Danilo, Anna, Marco, Sandro, Daniele, Nicola, Alfredo and with all anarchist imprisoned everywhere.

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