Turin, Italy – ‘In twenty-four hours’: more words on yesterday’s repressive operation


chien-adalouWell, we have been sensing something nastier than usual in the air these last few days. As police were raiding some homes in Aurora yesterday morning to deliver arrests and restrictive measures, some comrades were already on the roof of the squat in corso Giulio 45, while others were at the main entrance having breakfast together. Recently, in fact, plain clothes police and carabinieri patrols in the neighbourhood, rumours concerning an imminent eviction and the awareness that things are changing in the neighbourhood, had put the squatters on the alert. But we’ll talk more calmly about this shit in the next days.
Police also went to the occupied Asilo and to private homes, making searches and taking thirteen comrades to the police station: Silvia, Stefano, Daniele and Antonio were arrested and then taken to Le Vallette prison; whereas another nine comrades were served with orders banning them from residing in Turin. During the blitz the forces of order also arrested a comrade who didn’t have regular documents; he was released a few hours later with an invitation to leave the Italian soil of his own will within fifteen days.

The accusation made against the thirteen dates back to 2nd May and relates to the resistance against an eviction in Barriera di Milano. The charge pressed by prosecutor Andrea Padalino then signed by preliminary investigation judge Loretta Bianco is violence to public official with the aggravating circumstance of having acted in collusion with more than ten people. On the prosecutor’s infamy much has been said, and also that of the judge – and her signature – is now well known, as already in May 2015 she had issued arrest warrants against five comrades and expulsion orders from Turin against another four following resistance to an [anti-migrants] raid. We might say that she’s still making consistent ‘custodial choices’, especially as she links them to an incriminating framework, which plainly speaking is causing even more anger for being so confused. Looking straightforwardly at the court papers, one can conclude that through this charge, a passe-partout for many investigations, including the big proceedings of 3rd June 2014, what is being sent to the dock is precisely a basic instrument of many struggles: the picket, and in this specific case the fact of having prevented a bailiff, D’Angella, from kicking people who had decided to resist out of their homes. And although we’d be immensely delighted to say that this happened with riotous gestures, the stubborn will to resist was sufficient to determine the criminal nature of the situation. After all the above-mentioned bailiff, an idiot who goes around wearing a NASA cap, didn’t seem to be under threat on that occasion; on the contrary he was laughing uproariously at the performance of the landlord’s lawyer. Aside from his intellectual ability, idiot that he is, it was this man who gave the first contribution for four comrades being sent to jail, and we certainly won’t forget that.
Yesterday we went on discussing vividly, thinking of the initiatives for the next days and finally we went outside Le Vallette prison, where Daniele, Silvia, Stefano and Antonio are locked up, to give them warm and heartfelt greetings.
salutoThe nine banned (two of whom haven’t been notified of the measure yet) seem to have no intention of leaving the city but rather of carrying on the struggle with even more rage; this morning someone is already in the streets of Aurora to picket against an eviction along with many other accomplices and people in solidarity.
In the coming days we won’t miss any chance to relaunch and we’ll tell you about it. If they want to imprison us and chase us away following practices of the struggle, resistance in the streets or the usual written description of being socially dangerous, they haven’t seen anything yet.
To write to the arrested comrades:
Daniele Altoè, Stefano Mangione, Antonio Pittalis, Silvia Ruggeri
C.C via Maria Adelaide Aglietta 35
10151 Turin
updates soon…
Source: Macerie Novembre 30, 2016
Translated by act for freedom now!

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