Ferrara, Italy – Update on anarchist prisoner Divine Umoru


An update on the situation of Divine Umoru, anarchist prisoner held up in the Ferrara AS2 unit on charges of possession of potentially explosive material.
Judges have once again refused to grant Divine house arrest, this time at his mother’s home in Bologna (they had already refused house arrest in a comrade’s home). The pretexts were the fact they didn’t have availability of electronic bracelets and Divine’s subversive frequentations in Bologna.
Their intention concerning Divine seems that of organizing a one-way direct trip to Nigeria. He left Nigeria as a child, when he came to Italy with his family. If this is what they want we must act so that it doesn’t happen and it is every Anarchist’s responsibility to act in this respect.
In the coming days an appeal trial will be held against the refusal to grant house arrest.
Many Anarchists are currently imprisoned in the Italian state’s jails, but we call on everybody not to leave Divine and many other anarchists isolated, doing everything possible to keep the contact between inside and outside alive…
More updates to follow…
To write to him:
Divine Umoru
Via Arginone 327
44122 – Ferrara
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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