Oaxaca, Mexico – Explosive attack on Santander Bank and PRODECON (11/12/2016)


On 11th December 2013 anarchist comrade Sebastián Oversluij was murdered by a security guard as he was trying to rob a bank in Chile.
Today we decided to attack a branch of Santander Bank and a PRODECON* office (of the ministry of Finance) in Oaxaca.
We remember this episode after three years not because we want to turn the comrade into a martyr or victimise his death, but in the name of all the illegal and clandestine actions that are taking place, took place and will take place in this war.
We point out that we (BAIBF/Bruno Filippi Informal Action Brigade) have nothing to do with the leftist pseudo-anarchists who are taken by and defend the interests of social and union organizations, as we have chosen individual antagonist informal affinities, and for the total destruction of this prison society and all its structures.
We are in full complicity with our comrades on the run and with all those who conspire and attack in clandestinity. This action is also a warm hug to all the prisoners locked up in the institutions of all the shit States.
Bruno Filippi Informal Action Brigade
*Taxpayer Defence Attorney Office
via: autistici.org/cna/2016/12/14/oaxaca-messico-attacco-esplosivo-contro-banca-santander-e-prodecon-11122016/
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!
From Anarhija.info

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