Ferrara, Italy – Censors seize anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito’s article


Received by email:
Comrade Alfredo Cospito, imprisoned in the Ferrara AS2 unit for the kneecapping of Adinolfi and recently subjected to another arrest warrant within an operation named “Scripta Manent” – an operation that has led to yet another period of mail censorship by the jailers – writes to us and says his articles are being systematically seized.
In particular Alfredo sent a long contribution to a new editorial project, a new anarchist magazine of agitation and theoretical analysis which is due to come out early next year. 10 days after he sent his article, not getting a reply by the recipients who, unaware, were asking him to send his much-sought contribution, Alfredo became aware that his letter had been seized. In other words the responsible for the unit, whose sad disgusting job is to photocopy all incoming and out-going letters of prisoners subjected to censorship and send the copies to prosecutor Sparagna, had decided that spying was not enough in this case; that the comrade’s article was not to be send out at all.
A decision that at least has the merit of shedding light on the democratic regime’s repressive hypocrisies. Power is not only interested in the actions which respond with just violence to the much greater violence that the State and Capital commit every day in order to keep their domination going. Power, from the Turin anti-mafia judges to the miserable Ferrara jailer, doesn’t tolerate either that the imprisoned comrades continue to write, agitate, provoke and contribute, even by clashing, or the reflections of other individuals who don’t intend to be subdued.
You won’t succeed in isolating the imprisoned comrades.
We would rather have announced the publication of our magazine when it was actually ready to come out.
We’ll go ahead with our publication, with more pride in the knowledge that it’s already annoying the bureaucrats of repression. In the certainty that our complicity with Alfredo and the other imprisoned comrades definitely can’t only be expressed in all its joyful sincerity through the pages of a journal.

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