[Mexico – Marseille] Texts by Fernando Barcenas Castillo


 Fernando Barcenas’ text sent for the ABC (Anarchist
Black Cross Festival 2016) Marseille
ferFrom the North prison of the city of Mexico 1 December 2016
 In the prisons of the city of Mexico, isolation is used as
massive disciplinary measure in order to extort and extirpate
from prisoners right down to their last cents.
 “Inside” these cities with more than 50,000 male and female prisoners, capitalism is what it is, it does not disguise itself, nor does it wear democratic masks. And today it is clearly announcing its elementary law: we, the marginalized, will be exterminated. But not before offering up the last drop of our slave labour, our badly paid bitter-tasting sweat, bitter because we know that it is against our will.
 Meanwhile they dictate the conditions of participation in their trade:
“Get into the van, or he’ll knock you down.” They ask cynically that many cowards join the ranks of the mafia because they know they won’t have the courage to give up their comfort.
And yet prison wasn’t always like that …
 The deluge of drugs that pours down on it has turned it into an immense house of madmen, where the needs of prisoners are fuelled to better defraud them, pushing them to a life of automatons at the orders of commerce …
 It is for this reason that it is so important not to stop imagining and being sensitive. Indeed they are trying to convert us into war machines.
Now only action and solidarity remain, knowing that prison is nothing other than the society in which we live.
 At war until total freedom.
 – Fernando Barcenas –
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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