Latest news upate 14/10/08

Vaggelis is free. We was released 3 days ago after his application. The reason that the authorities gave his release was lack of evidence. we don’ t know yet the exact charges that vaggelis is going to trial with, if it is under the anti-terrorist law or not. Also, we are not able to know when his trial is going to happen. It could be in a year, it could be also in 3-4 years. Τhe 3 comrades are still wanted, so we must focus our efforts to put an end to their indicment.


Latest news Update 26/09/08

During the next period we expect the exact accusations of Vaggelis and the 3 comrades on the run. This will be a critical moment because it will be clear if Vaggelis and the 3 will be accused under the anti-terrorist law or not. The next few months we will also know the date of the trial. Without being sure about it, we are expecting the trial during the first months of 2009. Due to the greek laws the trial must happen in a period of 18 months after the day of the arrest. So it will happen until may 2009, in any other case they must release Vaggelis.

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