[Chile] Poster in memory of anarchist Sebastián Oversluij, who fell three years ago during a bank robbery in Santiago


In the morning of December 11, 2013, companion Sebastián Oversluij was preparing to expropriate a bank branch in the commune of ‘Pudahuel’. Upon entering the said agency, the comrade “Angry” drew the submachine gun he was angryhoy-208x300carrying under his clothes announcing the assault. The wretched security guard attacks the companion by killing him immediately, the bastard in uniform having had a military training and  great mercenary experience in Haiti and Iraq.
We associate ourselves with the comrade’s decision to expropriate the rich, recognizing them as enemies of capital and the system of domination that generates and propagates the miseries we live daily. We encourage any attack on the property and interests of the rich, we are part of this multiform war against power.
We remember the comrade for what he was, for the consistency of his actions, for his contribution and his advance in this process of permanent attack against the structures of power. Memory is a constant and continuous exercise in our history, and that is why we are honouring the comrade who decided to take his revolutionary practice to his last breath.
“It’s time to reclaim life, destroy all authority, attack the police, attack banks, expropriate, disobey and destroy.” Angry
Memory and combat for the comrade fallen on December 11, 2013 during a bank robbery
[Poster received by mail in Spanish]
Translated by Act for freedom now!

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