>anarchists attack more than once per day in greece



We have had more than 430 attacks this year in Greece against TARGETS of capitalism. Most of them made by anarchists.
Anarchists are aiming and shooting. DIRECT ACTIONS. A real WAR .
More or less nobody is getting hurt, I mean even Revolutionary Struggle Maziotis and Roupa, who are like public enemy no1, did not kill anyone.
The Revolutionary Sect only killed 2 times and we had another one police officer dead with the letter bomb from a new group that don’t have a name yet as they said …Those dudes send a letter bomb to the “Greek Civil Protection” Minister Mihalis Chrisohoidis, who has been really cruel and violent. (They say he is drunk all the time and he takes cocaine) anyhow it is like 3 dead people.
we should find out how many the US did and how many they killed … we gonna look like school kids after that. Whatever, we have more than one attack everyday in Greece, from east to west. We have the island of Crete which is really big in the east and west Thesaloniki is the second biggest city. After that we have Patra, Larissa, Volos, Trikala, Irakleio, Chania, Xanthi, Ioannina, Mitilini, Agrinio, Alexandroypoli – everywhere actions of solidarity all the time here with firebombs againsts banks and security cars and political premises.
Of course each time a proclamation explains the reason for the attack .
Solidarity with all our comrades in Greece. The only way there will ever be change for the better is if people step up and take action. The capitalist system is digging its own grave but the only way we can be sure the system will end is if we do things to end it.

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