Thessaloniki [Greece]: Church burned in solidarity with Monica and Francisco (08/12/2016)


In the early hours of 8 December 2016 we decided to attack the church of the Prophet Elijah in Olympiados Street in Thessaloniki, setting fire to the entrance door and the interior. This was an act of solidarity with the anarchist prisoners Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar, accused of an explosive attack against the Basilica del Pilar in s-g-salonicco-grecia-incendiata-chiesa-in-solidari-1Zaragoza that took place on 2 October 2013. In fact, during this period the Catholic Church in Spain was hit by a series of attacks because of its desire to restrict access to abortion.
Each religion is our enemy. It maintains the status quo, pacifying society with norms that later become laws. It bases its power on the faithful’s hope of a future life in the hereafter, stifling all desire for rebellion in the present, here and now. It justifies war based on cultural differences, that religion itself created.

This is also the role of the Church in today’s Greek reality, and elsewhere. Its all-powerful political role is exercised through the fascist, patriotic and xenophobic rhetoric, always together and in direct relationship with politicians, judges, cops and journalists.
At the same time, it is well known that the Church constantly seeks to expand its economic hegemony and its immeasurable riches that come from the possession of massive land, buildings etc. With the purpose of obtaining profit through speculation it sets up a charitable facade that has nothing to do with reality.
Finally, it has considerable social and cultural influence, being a pillar of the patriarchal system. It promotes (both inside and outside) heteronormativity, homophobia and rape culture as a whole. Its position on women, sexuality and abortion indicates its line on many other issues.
Solidarity with the anarchists locked up in prisons!


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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