>English Defence League racists plans to attack cricket match at Lords london U.K.



anon | 26.08.2010 

The racist and Islamophobic thugs of the English Defence League are planning to launch an attack against the Pakistan cricket team at Lords. Pakistan are set to play England in matches from the 26th August until 30th Augast 2010. This is not an official EDL demonstration however members of the English Defence League in London are in fact planning the attack.

The English Defence League are a racist, Islamophobic organisation. the leaders of the EDL have links to the BNP, Combat 18, National Front, Anarchist Nationalists, UKIP, Blood & Honour etc.

They claim to be against “just extremists Muslims” but have attacked Mosques all over the UK. They have put pigs heads on Mosques across Britian, have pulled off women’s hijabs, assaulted women and sent rape threats. The EDL have smashed up cars, houses, shops etc in Asian areas. A shopkeeper in Tower Hamlets London E1 was hospitalised in a racist attack.

Now the EDL have decided to attack “extremist cricketers” from Pakistan…simply because they are Muslims.


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