Brescia, Italy – Two anarchist comrades investigated following an attack on the Polgai police training centre


From the media of the regime we learn that after a year of investigation prosecutors from Brescia have put two anarchist comrades under investigation. They have been charged with attack with intents of terrorism and possession and fabrication of explosives, article 280, following an attack on the Polgai police training centre in Brescia, which took place in the night between 17th and 18th December 2015 with a bomb made with eight kilograms of gunpowder. The device caused damage to the door of the building. The attack was claimed by the anarchist comrades of Cellula anarchica acca (C.A.A) in affinity with the black international, and was in response to a BLACK DECEMBER call for action.
We are not interested in knowing who are the guilty or the innocent.
We stand close to Juan and Manu, as we are aware that any anarchist action makes cracks in the walls that dominion erects in order to restrain us inside as well as outside.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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