anonymous report:
“On December 24 in the province of Perugia we wanted to celebrate Christmas
in a different way, as we all should do, we wanted to restore freedom and
dignity to two poor innocent creatures.
Tired of keeping them, or for some reason, the Master had them locked up in cages completely forgetting them, after several complaints, finally whom it may concern had gone to the place, but for them it was okay,
nothing strange.

Two dogs kept in cages literally swimming in shit, without water or
food, frightened, starving and freezing, but it was all ok.
The boss, a former policeman (certainly on the advice of someone) had made
them disappear, but investigating, people have managed to find out
where he had arranged them in the house of acquaintances not far from his
home, where, by going to the place to check we found ourselves in front of
a 2×1 cage with 5 cm of shit on the floor, frozen water and food when it
happened, without good shelter, fully exposed to the cold of the winter night,
only the remains of a miserable kennel where they unsuccessfully
entered both trying to get warm, one of them had severe bursitis and both
had their eyes blushed from the night cold and conjunctivitis …
We happened on the premises at night and while they were celebrating,
laughing, eating and rejoicing in the heat in their home, we arrived and we
forced open the cage to pick them up and take them away, at first they were
doubtful whether to trust or not, but once they put their nose out of that cage
it was them who dragged us away from that place.
Now both are far away and have a home, a family, a sofa to stay, a bed to
sleep in, a garden to play in and those who fill them with love.
In a society where to treat animals like this is accepted as normal, you can not
expect that the institutions will get involved, or help, we invite
anyone who knows of similar situations to act first.
direct action now!


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