[poster] Solidarity with the anarchists facing repression in Aachen.


soli-poster-jan-2017-vertical.jpg 1Text from poster:
Two comrades from Barcelona were arrested on different occasions during the spring of 2016, and have since been extradited and incarcerated under pre-trial investigative detention. The prosecution of Aachen is accusing them of carrying out a bank robbery which took place in 2014, against a Pax Bank in Aachen. Their court case is set to begin on January 23rd 2017, and will unfold during a 5 month period.
An other comrade, from Amsterdam, was tried for an other bank robbery which took place in July 2013 at an Aachener branch. In December 2016 she was acquitted. The State has since gone into revision appeal.
Whether these charged comrades ever entered these banks as unusual customers or not is none of our concern, although we have nothing to reproach to anyone who chooses to enter a bank armed. Our solidarity lies with the struggles and ideas of these individuals, who, faced with repression, have not compromised their dignity or ethics, their love for freedom or their disdain for all authority.
The forensic police is talking about having found DNA traces in or around the banks, on movable objects, which apparently resulted compatible with the DNA of the accused anarchists. This evidence is presented as an impartial and infallible indication of their presence on those specific days in those financial institutions. Although we will leave it to the courts and lawyers to argue about the technical fallacies of this investigative method, these ever-growing international DNA databases, acquired through all necessary means, become a problem concerning everyone. These forensic proofs which are presented as absolute truth, are in fact an other example of sciences in service of social control and the State. This rational “neutrality” in the name of the neutralization of unmanageable and unwanted people is in complete conformity with democratic values: in the name of safety it attempts to make us all willful participants in the codification of our lives.
Like in most juridical cases this technological evidence is paired with the criminal profile of anyone considered undesirable and unprofitable by the State (be it socially, economically, ethnically, or ethically). These characteristics are amplified by the mainstream media, which helps in the legitimization of repression. They are accomplices in manufacturing these “dangerous” figures and creating the consensus to remove them from “civil” society.
It is up to those who do not accept and are not accepted by this world, to fight and organize ourselves against exploitation, alienation and the sterilization of our imagination for self-determination. It is up to each one of us to attack these logics based on accumulation and authority, wage-slavery and submission, wars among the poor and wars among the States, industrial destruction and technological colonization. To struggle for a life of dignity, autonomy and freedom.
Until we all are free…
For revolt!
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