[Paris] Damien Camelio sentenced to 10 months prison


Report of Damien’s trialJaguar-paris-15-4-2016-2-300x225
Thursday, January 19, 2017, Damien, incarcerated since December 8 and accused of degradations committed during the wild and rampant demonstration of April 14 went on trial in Paris.
About forty people were present in solidarity. Context of immediate appearances mainly of cases of survival and small parallel economy. A young proc with an indigestible vocabulary asks for detention in turn with the banality with which I jump porticos of metros, the notion of obstacle less. A paternalistic judge who in addition to
An ambiance. And not implying that there are any good ones in these
At the time of the reading of the accusations there is agitatation in the room. Windows have been broken, Pôle Emploi, Chamber of Commerce, Jaguar, Franprix. Each target stated is followed by a burst of applause. The chief in toge asks Damien if he recognizes the facts. The latter expresses himself clearly, declares that he does not recognize the categories of innocent and guilty, neither the legitimacy of the judge nor justice in general. The hall iresounds with slogans “down with the State, the cops and the bosses”! “Fuck la bac “,”and the judges ” and the procs “. In response he cries “Fuck justice”, the pertubators in the audiences go out, including him.

Finally reinstated in the box, the trial will be held in camera. The proc requests 8 months prison, he gets 10, with holding in detention and 14000 euros damages and interest. We can mention in passing the marasmus of representatives of Pôle Emploi expressing the hope that Damien gets a job on his release (it is well known, if their antennas are attacked throughout France it is in the hope of  seeing them become more effective) and the contained despair of those of Jaguar with respect to the refusal of Extra compensation for Moral damage they estimate to 2000 euros.
After the verdict, rebelliously, one cries out sweet words. “Vive l’anarchie” shouts the comrade before being taken away. “Freedom”, “Down with the state, judges and screws” can be heard in particular in the room.
Let not the State and its henchmen do their dirty work quietly.
Fuck justice, Long live revolt!
[Published on indymedia nantes, Saturday 21 January 2017]
Damien sentenced to ten months’ prison, let us be jaguars!
Today, Damien Camelio went on trial at the Tribunal de Grande Instance, Paris, from 1:30 pm in the criminal court, accused of four counts of “destruction of public property in a state of legal recidivism”, that is to say of having participated in the wild demonstration of April 14, 2016, in the context of the agitation against the so-called “Labour Law”, and of having committed destruction within it.
At the trial, a solicitor for the civil parties was present (for Pôle Emploi), claiming damages. In his indictment, the prosecutor asked for eight months. The courtroom was evacuated and the rest of the trial was held in camera, while those present applauded the charges, Damien said he did not recognize the authority of the judges on whom he threw peanuts .
After the deliberations, Damien was condemned, beyond that requested), to ten months prison with a committal order (he remains in Fleury) and 14 000 € damages for the civil parties.
The State, by targeting and isolating individuals, seeks to break down dynamics, such as that of last spring, and to condemn those who are considered dangerous and uncontrollable to silence or powerlessness so that all learn fear. As irreducible enemies of the State, of its vocabulary and its lackeys, we don’t care who is guilty or innocent (we can even be in solidarity with the innocent), what counts is that revolutionary acts and ideas continue to spread so that repression can no longer be anything.
Solidarity with all the rebels of the earth, death to justice!
Let’s be jaguars!
Some anarchists in solidarity.
We can write to him, send him a postcard, stamps or reading at the address:
Damien Camélio
n° d’écrou 432888
MAH de Fleury-Mérogis (Bâtiment D5)
7, avenue des Peupliers
91705 – Sainte-Génevieve-des-Bois
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Translated by Act for freedom now!

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