Rail traffic: Seven cable gutters burnt – Germany


Rhein-Neckar, 29 December 2016 – 3 January 2017
Last week, train users had to be patient: several fires caused many delays in the vicinity of Bruchsal.
Last Thursday, firefighters and police were in continuous intervention in the region of Bade du Nord. On the same day, five fires were reported in the region.
In fact, the first happened on Wednesday night, persons unknown set fire to two cable gutters of the Deutsche Bahn located parallel to the tracks, north of Graben-Neudorf on the Karlsruhe-Mannheim line.
The following day, the intervention forces were called for four more fires: around 11:30, 12:50 and 14:45, fires were started along the tracks in Walldorf-Wiesloch, Bruchsal-Untergrombach and Bruchsaler Schlachthof. In the evening, police were again called for a fire between Germersheim and Speyer, at the level of Lingenfeld.
Since then, traffic has been re-established on the line between Mannheim and Karlsruhe. Even if all the damage has not yet been fixed, the main cable tracks controlling the signals have been repaired. All trains can circulate, but the work is not finished, and passengers should expect delays.
In Graben-Neudorf alone the damage amounts to at least 100,000 euros.
Investigators have as yet found no trace of the arsonists. The police have not yet clarified whether the facts are related and how many perpetrators would have been involved. “There are slight differences in the modus operandi of the five fires,” but in each case the gutter had been opened, fire accelerator liquid poured inside and then set alight.

On the following Monday evening, two more cable fires were started along the platforms of Baden-Baden. Unknown persons set fire to cable trays for the Deutschen Bahn. The affected lines are near Jockgrim and the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis. Searches for suspects were launched with several patrol cars and a police helicopter, but they did not lead to any arrests.
These events caused significant disruptions and delays, as well as some train cancellations. According to the results of the surveys, the authors had removed the cables from a gutter near the platforms and then set fire to them at around 2:20 pm in Jockgrim. And around 19:20, unknown persons proceeded in the same way to Altlußheim.
The fires led to announcements about disturbances in the signaling installations, traffic having to be partially stopped.
[Translated from German by local press ka-news and Mannheimer Morgen, taken from
Translated by Act for freedom now

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