[Montreuil, 93] Three Autolibs go up in smoke in solidarity – France


Autolib on fire
 We wanted to express our solidarity with Damien, sentenced on Thursday 19 to 10 months in prison, with actions.
 We were many in this rampaging demonstration on the 14th of April and will not let him pay for it alone – we do not forget him. On the evening of Sunday the 22nd we found three Autolibs in rue Galilée in Montreuil and set them on fire.
 They flog us the Autolib as a solution for a cleaner, more environmentally friendly, ‘smarter’ city. We puke on their propaganda.  For Damien, therefore, and also for the comrades imprisoned in Italy for Operation Scripta Manent.

Freedom for all!

Friends of Jules Bonnot and of spring 2016

PS We want to send a complicit accolade to the comrades who burned cars of collaborators in Brussels on the evening of the new year. Reading that the nights of Brussels were illuminated by your attacks (and those of others) motivates us even more to act (this is also what communiques of claims are for, right?). Yet we think that distributing leaflets, sticking up posters is important and it is not to “form brigades” or to “seduce” but to share subversive ideas.

But we’re sure you’ve already thought about it. Kiss.

[Received by email, Wednesday 25 January 2017]


Translated by Act for freedom now!

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