Spain | Operation Buyo – Update from Gabriel and Elisa on the role of a collaborator of justice


“Operación Buyo” is not as dark as you think
After being informed today of the closing of “Reporting Restrictions”, we are notifying anyone interested that Maria Otero, the woman mistakenly considered to be an anarchist comrade and who has given the name of Gabriel Pombo da Silva, accusing him of possessing a cache of weapons, did not “limit” herself to lying … she is currently an official collaborator of Justice. A role that she has assumed given the impossibility of finding any glimmer of freedom by other means.
As anarchists as we are not interested in the investigative details in our possession until now (which of course we will not spread); precisely these details, however, give us confirmation of how this informer, in all the many and heavy cases of repression that have involved her personally, has always struck deals with “justice”, not doing even one day in prison (she lied when she told us that she had been inside for a few months).
The well known strategy of leaving her free movement has allowed the repression to open investigations and / or incarcerate other people in recent years. In the present case, she was fully aware of being under investigation but was moving freely even in some “places of struggle”: which allows the usual “competent authorities” to consider her, as well as linked to the two of us, “close to anarchist circles”. In our view, although she is imprisoned, she continues to be a dangerous loose cannon.
Investigations are still open and Gabriel, although free, is accused of being the “leader of an anarchist cell preparing to attack.”
All this does nothing but give us the sad dimension of how it is always easier to be surrounded by people like Maria in question: neither the first nor the last of those who have sold out in this not at all new liberticidal world.
6 Febuary 2017
Gabriel and Elisa


via: cna
Translated by Act for freedom now

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