Prison of Alessandria [Italy]: Text of anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti (01/01/2017)


Note of Croce Nera Anarchica: We receive and publish this text of anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti, even though a considerable delay (the letter was written on January 1st) due to the censorship imposed to comrade
Irremediably on the unexplored and iconoclastic path of a free life, on Friday December 30th I put together joy and rage, which I will continue to treasure, and I threw them at the windows of prison guards office of the unit.

Never satisfy, once I was inside the cell I destroyed the gelosie [opacified panels placed over windows bars to prevent the view at the outside] installed a month ago, regaining a piece of sky.
No underlying cause, no straw that broke the camel’s back full of frustration. Pure conscience.
Act of resistance if it is read trough a restrictive dynamic guard/prisoner, but in reality yet another contribution of panorama of anarchist attack which continues to appear outside and inside the prisons.
Nothing to ask.
Everything to take.

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