From Ferrara Prison to Alessandria Prison [Italy]: Communique of comrade Alfredo Cospito in solidarity with the comrade Marco Bisesti (05/02/2017)


The inquisitor Sparagna [the prosecutor in charge of op. Scripta Manent] has already got us used to his dragging in the mud.  His attempt to divide us on the pretext that Marco is the  partner of my ex-partner has been going on for 5 months now, keeping Marco in “isolation” from me and his other comrades because of the absurd and spurious fear of my hypothetical retaliation.

Aware that shooting in the legs of a man of power is not enough to become an anarchist in the true sense of the word, a person free of sexism and machismo of any kind. Something, unfortunately, that I am still a long way from becoming. I reaffirm my friendship for Marco, who was and remains my comrade.
To him all my revolutionary solidarity in the hope I be able to embrace him again as soon as possible.
Strength comrade!
Always for Anarchy!
Alfredo Cospito



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