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  • 3.4 Julius Like every year since 2007 when part of Mount Parnes was burned with the responsibility of the casino located on the top, a two-day trek for resistance and action against the destruction and looting of the mountain held in nearby casino space. A few days later on Saturday, July 10, police announced that after research in the area of the action, a high-power bomb was found. In the next day, after misinformation of the media about the bomb, Christos Loukopoulos, a former army serviceman and “night mafia godfather” associated with the neonazi group “Golden Dawn”, surrendered himself to police. The fact that a bomb was put by a para-state mafioso near dozens of people during a political event, was covered-up by the police and the media. actforfreedomnow.blogspot.com/p/case-of-27-activists-of-parnitha-athens.html
  • On June 24, a bomb was exploded in the Ministry of Civil Protection (Police Headquarters also) which killed a close associate of the minister and police chief. A newly created group claimed responsibility for it on July 10.


  • July 14-28 Prisons are a boiling cauldron because of the inhumane conditions of detention, especially for people who need medicines and treatment. As a result of the lack of medicines and hospitalization, dozens of prisoners are dying (being murdered) in greek prisons. Indicatively, within 10 days of July, 6 prisoners died inside prison, four of them in Grevena prisons.

On 14th of July, 200 prisoners in Trikala prison were abstaining from prison’s food for two weeks and then they went on a hunger strike. On July 15, the hospitalized prisoners of Korydallos prison started abstaining prison’s food protesting against the detention of people with chronic and incurable diseases. After nine days, about 500 prisoners were in hunger strike.

There was a try to create a solidarity fund for financial support of imprisoned fighters. More news to come.

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