Italy – A date for the appeal trial against anarchist comrades Silvia Guerini, Costantino Ragusa and Luca Billy Bernasconi has been set


The Turin court of appeal has set a hearing for the appeal submitted by prosecutor Arnaldi di Balme on 15th February.
In the first grade trial last March a sentence of inadmissibility of the case was pronounced, according to a clause called “Ne bis in idem”, i.e. the impossibility a defendant being tried twice for the same case.
Not content with the Swiss result for which we were convicted for the specific case and acquitted of the charge of importing explosive material, and not content with not having found any organization in Italy or elsewhere, the Turin prosecutors closed the investigation centred on 270bis (subversive association with intent of terrorism) and instead demanded the three of us be put on trial on the following charges: articles 110, 280 of the penal code, ‘because in complicity with one another, by the name of ELF-Earth Liberation Front, a movement inspired by radical environmentalism, and with intent of terrorism, they carried out actions intended to damage the property of others through the use of explosive or otherwise deadly devices’; articles110, 81,61 of the penal code, ‘because in complicity with one another, with multiple actions in the same criminal plan… they illegally held explosive material, which they transported to a public place from Valchiusella to Bergamo and then to Switzerland’; articles 110, 648 of the penal code, ‘because in complicity with one another, aware of its criminal source, they received material for explosive devices from unknown individuals, the result of illegitimate expropriation from an unidentified company licensed to use explosives’. The charges are aggravated by intent of terrorism.

The hearing will take place at 9am in the court in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II in Turin.
With a recent irrevocable sentence, the Brescia prosecutors (under the local jurisdiction) demanded and were granted that the Swiss sentences of Silvia and Costa be acknowledged as a precedent by the Italian state, thus making it useful in case of recidivism.
For those who want to know more we propose reading ‘Solidarietà e complicità’, a collection of texts on the attempted sabotage on the IBM nanotechnology centre in Switzerland and on the solidarity that was expressed when repression got the upper hand.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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