Italy – Words from anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti from the AS2 prison unit in Alessandria


2080991-dccfd6075a18c885e43f077c26f08b40-840x341We receive and spread a few words of anarchist comrade Marco Bisesti, with a certain delay (his letter dates back 1st January) due to censorship.

Irremediably along the unexplored iconoclast paths of a free life, on Friday 30th December I combined joy and rage, which I shall continue to treasure, and hurled them against the window panes in the guards’ office in the section.Not satisfied, as soon as I was back in the cell I destroyed the gelosie* installed a month ago and regained a glimpse of the sky.
Nothing triggered it, no last straw of frustration. Pure consciousness.
An act of resistance if seen in a restrictive guard/prisoner dynamic; in fact the nth contribution to the panorama of anarchist attack that continues to manifest itself outside and inside the prisons.
Nothing to ask for.
Everything to take.
*opaque panels fixed beyond window bars to prevent any sight of the outside
Translated by act for freedom now

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