Italy – ‘Vetriolo’ issue 0, a new publication



Issue 0, winter 2017, of anarchist paper Vetriolo is out
We have given life to this new editorial initiative as we are convinced that it is important for anarchism of action to also make a theoretical effort. So what we have managed to put together is a paper of both agitation and analysis, one of critique and confrontation. Critique, because we aren’t giving up thinking with own heads, irreducible regarding school but thirsty for study; confrontation, because for us the aim of argument is qualitative growth alongside those who, discussing and getting angry, go part of the way with us.

Unfortunately our issue 0 is incomplete. In fact an article by imprisoned comrade Alfredo Cospito is missing, as it was seized by the censors of the prison of Ferrara. A serious matter, cops and judges no longer being content with spying, they have now resolved to try to shut anarchists up by deciding what can be published and what not. These are the heroes of the anti-mafia, the heroes of democratic freedom. There are things that cannot be written. There is no going beyond. A serious matter, which we think has not provoked the anger it deserves. A piece of news like this gets mixed up with all the others in the world of the web, disappearing quickly from blog home pages, outdated by other news in an indetermined and non qualitative sequence. Also for this reason we have chosen printed paper, so as to give space, pages, real ink, to our ideas.
We are addressing ourselves first of all those who are not ‘in the trade’, to those who are pissed off. Not by an operation of indoctrination. Our intentions are absolutely in bad faith. We don’t want to build anything; we only want the attack of the oppressed on the State and Capital to start again.
In other words the aim is conflict, action. But we don’t want to be superficial on this, and we are convinced that action can be enriched through reflection. Analysing, understanding, discussing. And then going out.
– A paper of denunciation or a paper to be denounced?
– Operation “scripta manent”
– The anti-mafia sewer
– 13 years ago…
– The ‘disarmed’ hand of the State
– Dynamiting inhabitation
–Food delivery
– Christmas at the shopping mall
– Frontisms
– Against the State without exception
– Why I touch my balls when I hear talk of ‘the people’
– Greece: the arrest of two Revolutionary Struggle comrades and the revenge on the son of Pola and Nikos.
Cost: 2 euros
For distributors: 1.50 euro.
Translated by act for freedom now!

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